Trauma Resiliency
The Learning Center at Red Willow

Nurturing the Seeds of Resilience

Nature is chock full of examples of resiliency.  The hillsides regrow vegetation after a fire sweeps through.  Occasionally, like rivers changing course after an earthquake, we see things restructure or reroute after a maor disturbance.  We bounce back from illness, misfortune, or shock.  Examples of resiliency are all around us.

The Learning Center at Red Willow believes that resilience is a natural, inborn capacity for all of us.  Throughout the course of history, humans have encountered great difficulties—suffered at the hands of other humans or been victims of the unstoppable forces of nature.  But through all these trials and tribulations, humans demonstrate a capacity to bounce back—to recover and move on.  We are just now starting to understand why this is so.  Our nervous system's ability to change and essentially rewire itself has been the focus of a lot of research in the past few years.  Humans have, for thousands of years, cultivated the skils required to rewire the nervous system and this recent research has shown us that resilience, along with hope and optimism, are qualities that can be learned and trained.  Our work is to nurture this basic capacity.

That resiliency can be learned is great news!  Resiliency is created through on-going self-awareness and rejuvenation practices, combined with in-the-moment crisis management tools.  We get better at what we practice.  To have a tool available "in the back pocket," requires having done it enough to have created familiarity with it.  It is this understanding that inspired us to create our suite of Resiliency Training Courses.

We know that Missoula is a very special place.  We have a history of incubating and launching ideas that are innovative.  Then, as a community, we follow through to support those ideas as they become a reality.  Each of us is a part of that energy.  We each represent the commitment to making this a community a great place to live.  As all of us—you, me, and everyone else in our community—engage in their work to build this ability to bounce back, we all benefit.  These individual efforts, when put together, translate into a strong and resilient community.  

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