The Resilient Organization
The Learning Center at Red Willow

Organizations experience traumas as well.  Certainly the people within organizations influence the level of resilience an organization has available to it and it is important to realize that organizations have what we might call "a life of their own."  This organizational life consists of its history and past patterns which may include traumatic events that were never fully addressed.  Cultural or historical trauma is a well-recognized phenomenon within many groups of people, such as Native Americans, Jewish people, and other groups who have endured long-standing and on-going trauma.  This same idea holds true for organizations.

The Resilient Organization training focuses on the skills required to work with organizational-level trauma and support the resilient nature of and within that organization.  These skills focus on the integration of the resilience of organizational leadership, management, and employees.

Lead Instructor: Christine Lustik

Contact Kathy at 406-721-0033 for more information.


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