Self-Defense Concepts and Techniques for Women
Michael Norvelle, Ph.D., Sensei, Osho
The Learning Center at Red Willow

There is no better feeling than the feeling of empowerment; having a set of skills and being able to trust your own instincts, abilities, and strength when needed. Self-Defense Concepts and Techniques for Women is designed to teach students the techniques of avoidance, escape and basic self-defense. Students will come away from this class better prepared to handle the most common types of assaults. There will also be a discussion about the basic concepts of mindset, body language, and presentation. Leave this class feeling knowledgeable, strong, and capable of keeping your safety in your own hands.

Course schedule: Saturday
August 26
9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Self-Defense for Women

$95.00 for the 1-Day Course


This item is unavailable at this time, please call for more details.

Course cost: $95.00 for the 1-Day Course
Sliding scale is available.  For information, click here or call (406) 721-0033.
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