Patrick Marsolek
The Learning Center at Red Willow

Courses taught:
Work that Reconnects
Getting On Track: Practical Self-Hypnosis

Patrick Marsolek is a clinical hypnotherapist, facilitator, and writer who's been serving Central and Western Montana since 1998 with current practices in Helena and Missoula.  A major focus of his work is on self-empowerment practices that develop emotional resiliency and cultivate the awareness and expression of core, spiritual values.  He brings over 30 years experience in yoga, meditation, self-reflection, movement, and intuitive exploration to his work.  Patrick has worked for years with groups and clients through Clinic Cancer Care in Great Falls, the HIV retreats at the Feathered Pipe Ranch and patients through Hospice of St. Peter's in Helena.  He welcomes people who are going through the whole range of human experience, including the grief process, recovering from emotional trauma and physical healing, as well as those having transitional or transformative experiences.  He offers classes, workshops, and retreats that combine compassionate communication, intuition, personal empowerment, and intentional manifestation to public groups, businesses, and public service organizations throughout the Northwest.  He is the author of Transform Yourself: A Self-Hypnosis Manual and A Joyful Intuition (  He has produced a series of self-empowerment and self-hypnosis audio recordings.  He is also passionate about, teaches, and organizes Argentine tango with is wife Lori Mitchell throughout Montana, Washington, and British Columbia.  To find out more about Patrick, visit: or email him at

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