Program Areas
The Learning Center at Red Willow

The Learning Center at Red Willow offers resiliency training skills in 4 key areas:
For the Individual

The Learning Center at Red Willow offers community members a wide range of classes and programs that have been proven to be among the most effective ways to build resilience.

Students will learn skill-based and body-centered modalities to help:

  • Diminish disturbing symptoms caused by trauma and adversity.
  • Restore balance, feelings of safety, and enjoyment to their lives.


Caring for the Caregiver
Research indicates that caregivers who support those who have experienced trauma can often experience what is called second hand or vicarious trauma which can cause the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Disruption in family or other relationships
  • Burnout and high staff turnover

The Learning Center
at Red Willow provides education and services in the form of closed, provider-only classes to help address the needs of the providers. The Learning Center is also proud to bring continuing education opportunities to Mental Health Professionals and Educators.

Educating the Community
We at the Learning Center
at Red Willow believe the whole community benefits when any one of us cares for him/herself and when we each contribute a little more peace, calm, serenity and sanity to the collective. Increased awareness of the importance of and ability to build resilience is an importanc part of our outreach into the community.  Education community members help us all rescognize the importane of these skills and seek (or help someone seek) appropriate services.

Contributing to the Body of Knowledge
The Learning Center
at Red Willow continues to work to develop community partnerships in order to measure the efficay of mind-body trainings.

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