Libby McIntyre, L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W., P.L.L.C.
The Learning Center at Red Willow

Courses taught:
1000 Hands Buddha Qigong
1000 Hands Buddha Qigong for Mental Health Providers
Heart of the Crane Qigong
Qigong Self Massage
Qigong Self Massage for the Eyes
Xi Xi Hu Walking Qigong

Libby McIntyre, L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W., P.L.L.C., is a psychotherapist in private practice in Missoula.  Libby has been a mental health provider for 29 years. She is a 15-year student of Qigong, studying with Jean Logan, L.Ac., Qigong Healing Master, until 2009 and with the Liu family, founders of Ling Gui, since 2006.  She became a certified Qigong instructor by the Liu family in 2010 and has taught Qigong for 7 years.

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