Ken Silvestro, Ph.D.
The Learning Center at Red Willow 

Courses taught:
Psychology of Relationships
The Creative Self
Practitioner Self Care: The Benefits of Individuation
The Subjective Nature in Therapeutic Alliances
ArtEmerge: Exploring the Hidden Layers that Yearn for Expression
Narcissism, Sexuality, and Trauma
Collectives, Mass Movements, Individual Development, and Trauma
Love's Inconsistencies: Necessary and Unnecessary Fictions

Ken's academic path began with electrical engineering, eventually leading to his doctoral degree in Artificial Intelligence, a new and burgeoning field at the time.  After obtaining his doctoral degree, Ken studied Osteopathic medicine for a year, supplementing this with a formal study of homeopathy and holistic healing methods.  After leaving Osteopathic medicine, Ken attended the C.G. Jung Institute of Boston, training and studying in the area of Jungian Psychology (Analytic Psychology).  Although his path appears to be a collection of disparate interests, there are hidden connecting threads.  Interwoven within his academic pursuits is a long-standing practice of meditation and music.

Over the years, Ken has taught at numerous universities and colleges, and currently holds faculty appointments at two universities.  Ken also practices psychoanalytic-psychotherapy in Missoula and Seeley Lake.

Ken offers his classes by remote viewing via Skype in addition to physically at the Learning Center.  Online viewing of the classes is purposed for those who don't have the time or ability to get to the regularly scheduled classes.  Students who are interested in taking a course not currently scheduled should contact the Learning Center at (406) 721-0033.  We will work with Ken and the interested students to find the perfect time for the course to commence.

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