Freedom on the Inside (FOTI)

Freedom on the Inside (FOTI) is a partnership with the Learning Center at Red Willow. We provide weekly yoga classes to inmates in the Missoula County Jail. There is one men's class per week and two women's classes per week.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to share the gifts of yoga with incarcerated individuals. We provide functional yoga instruction to students who are in the Missoula County Jail. Functional yoga focuses on basic movements that release tension, provide pain relief, and, most importantly, connect students to their breath.

FOTI recognizes that incarcerated individuals are members of a traumatized population and that they may not have been previously exposed to self-regulating tools like connecting to one's breath. We hope that yoga empowers our students to connect to their inner resources. And we hope that yoga helps our incarcerated students shed their shame and hold their heads high with dignity. Yoga teaches us that we have options—and options are empowering.

Our long-term vision is to use the jail program as an introduction to yoga and extend the program so that when students are released, they can continue yoga classes in the community and use yoga as a resource to help them rebuild their lives. It is our vision that yoga would be a compliment to other rehabilitative and mental health programsn that might be well-suited for the individual students' needs. We hope to collaborate with community organizatons that currently offer yoga or to bring yoga classes into community facilities that work with people after they are released from jail.

What We Do:

Freedom on the Inside is a group of 15 yoga teachers who teach in the jail. They have attended the jail's volunteer training, created an orientation program to help teachers, and study how to best serve their students. FOTI teachers are scheduled weekly to lead the programs we currently offer in the jail.

How You Can Help:

You can help by making a contribution to our program and by liking our page on Facebook.

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