The Learning Center at Red Willow

Q.  How are these classes beneficial to my health?

These types of classes are important for the achievement and maintenance of optimal health.  Emerging research is showing that mind/body-based training helps calm the part of our brain that produces the hormones of fight/flight which include cortisol and norepinephrine. 

Although important to survival, these hormones, when present continually, can create a state of constant upheaval in the mind/body complex.  This elevated state produces high levels of inflammation in our bodies; inflammation, in turn, appears to underlie many diseases such cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, addiction, and others.

The skills learned in these types of classes work to reverse this process, calm the mind/body complex and create an environment of health and healing in the body.

Q. How is The Learning Center at Red Willow different from other centers?

The Learning Center at Red Willow has a particular focus on helping our students recover and heal from trauma and other adverse life circumstances. Therefore, our instructors are especially sensitive to and can address the needs of people who have experienced these situations.

Caring for the Caregiver

The Learning Center at Red Willow also recognizes the impacts of vicarious trauma on people who work with or know people who have experienced trauma or adverse life experiences.

The Learning Center at Red Willow offers closed classes specifically for providers and for others who experience vicarious trauma. Classes are focused on skill-based self-care techniques helping caregivers achieve and maintain optimal levels of health.

Continuum of Care
Students can choose to work with providers at the Red Willow Center for Health and Healing (RWCHH) to advance their healing process. At the RWCHH, providers consult on patient care and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Q.  How do you register for classes?

You can click on the "Sign Up for Classes" link above and register online or you can contact us by phone at (406) 721-0033 or you can email us at info@redwillowlearning.org.   We will be happy to answer any questions and get you registered for the class or classes of your choice.

You are also welcome to visit the Center and see the beautiful classroom space, meet the staff, ask any questions and register in person.

Q.  What do I need to bring to a class?

That will, of course, vary some from class to class.  General guidelines would be to dress comfortably.  We always suggest that you dress in layers, that way everyone can be comfortable at the same room temperature.  You are welcome to bring your own beverage as well. 

If you are taking a class that involves a lecture component, you will be provided with hand-outs, manuals etc.  Feel free to bring extra paper if you are a note-taker.  If you are taking a class that uses "props" such as yoga or meditation, you are welcome to bring your own or use the ones provided by the Learning Center.

Q.  Do I need to have any prior experience?

Prior experience is not necessary.  The Learning Center welcomes people at all skill levels and all abilities are welcome.  Your instructor will be able to help you get the most out of the class regardless of your experience or expertise level.

Q.  Can both men and women attend these classes?

That depends on the course.  Many classes are open to both men and women.  There are classes on the schedule that are specifically geared to women as well as some specifically for men.  Those special classes are always listed as such on the schedule.

Q.  Do I need a referral to attend classes?

For most courses, no.  Although we do have a referral system set up with many providers and agencies, it is not a prerequisite unless specifically noted in the course description.

Q.  How much do classes cost?

Costs vary greatly depending on the class type.  We do provide scholarships or partial funding for those in our community who would like to participate but who do not have the financial resources to do so.  If you would like some financial help to take a class, please see our page on Payment Plans, Sliding-Fee Scales, and Scholarships.

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