Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Groups
Coe Dolven, Jeff Patterson, Darlene Patterson
The Learning Center at Red Willow and Willowbend Farm

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."
- Winston Churchill

Stylized Man and Horse

As Winston Churchill noted, partnering with horses is good for us.  Humans have known that forever and now scientific research is supporting our understanding.

In your time with your wise horse partner, you will experience:

  • The benefit of being in nature
  • Meditation and intuitive writing
  • Being here and in the present moment
  • Learning to be still and experience with all your senses
  • Developing a safe place for both horse and human
  • Learning and applying the principles of leadership necessary to build good relationships
  • Finding the inspiration to listen to what is in your heart, not your head
  • Learning from the horse how to ask a question and hear the answer
  • Putting difficult experiences in a different perspective

A pre-screening interview is required for program participation.

Clicking the Register Now button will register you for a pre-screening interview and Coe will be in touch to set up an interview time.

About our program:

We believe quality programming for those recovering from adversity and traumatic events requires many components.  Our partnerships with inspired, passionate, and skilled clinicians are essentially for our programs to be effective.

We are grateful to Jeff Patterson for bringing his signature program, Herd 2 Human to our Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Groups.  Founded on the principles of the herd and the value of being honest and authentic in our interactions, Jeff has developed his amazing interspecies communication and leadership program.

To learn more about Herd 2 Human, click here:

Herd 2 Human

As a compliment to Herd 2 Human, Coe Dolven brings her expertise as an Equine Interaction Mental Health Professional to the EAP program.  Coe's group leadership and skills as a therapist help facilitate transformational experiences for group participants.

We want to express our gratitude to Willowbend Farm, Coe, the horses, and our dedicated volunteers who help make this program possible.

Current and Upcoming Groups: We are currently seeking funding for veterans/family programs
Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

This item is unavailable at this time, please call for more details.

Course cost: No programs currently scheduled


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