About the Learning Center at Red Willow

Science now supports what we have all know for millenia, human beings have a natural capacity to be resilient.  We all experience stressful, difficult and even traumatic times.  Our ability to get through those times is part of our resilience.  Science also tells us that although we have long considered resilience to be a trait (think: you got what you got), it is actually a state of being, something that can be improved.

Our programs and classes focus on the use of a combination of ancient wisdom and modern neurological understanding to help build the capacity to build and cultivate more resilience.  We teach skills to help indiviuals, families and organizations live a full and optimal life.

The Learning Center at Red Willow accomplishes its mission through the following:

  • By providing body/mind based education and skills training for individuals, families and organizations.
  • By offering experiential learning opportunities and skills known to help restore feelings of safety and predictability.
  • By presenting information about how to calm the body, restore peace to the mind and maintain optimum levels of health.


Kathy Mangan, M.S.
Executive Director
Thomas McClintock, M.F.A.
Office Manager
Glenn Tousignant
Deveopment Coordinator

Casey Christensen
FOTI Coordinator
Tori Pennell
Administrative Assistant


Shantelle Gaynor, President
Leslie McClintock, M.F.A., Secretary
Cyndy Aten, M.D.
Nick Kaufman
Cindy Wulfekuhle
Elizabeth McIntyre
Shelby Humphreys

Advisory Board

Leslie Burgess, Ed.S., L.C.P.C.
Anthony Gamell, M.B.A.
Joyce Hocker, Ph.D.

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